Matzhold Transporte

General Terms and Conditions of Business

  • Insurance in accordance with CMR at your expense
  • Customer protection is an accepted condition. Any entry in to competition is subject to a penalty of EUR 10,000.00
  • We work exclusively according to current CMR conditions
  • Freight invoices will be accepted only with original confirmation of receipt, signed for by the recipient, (attach 2 copies!) together with our order number,
  • Payment terms: 60 days after acceptance of your freight invoice.
  • The agreed freight price is understood as all inclusive (fuel surcharge, tolls, ancillary costs, etc.)
  • The shipping documents are to be sent to us within seven days after completion (by mail or by fax in advance), otherwise we reserve the right to deduct a freight discount of 10% of the agreed freight price
  • Loading and unloading: 24 hours free of demurrage, for each
  • This contract has been concluded digitally, and is accepted as valid by you without signature, and without contract confirmation.
  • Exchange of transport containers of carriage-free return is agreed within 14 days. After this transport containers will be replenished and charged to you, and return is not permitted
  • The movement of transport containers is to be documented accurately and in writing (transport containers certificates from sender and receiver)
  • A note of transport containers only on the CMR shipping note is not sufficient
  • For full loads, trans-shipment or accompanying shipments are strictly forbidden
  • The truck must be clean, dry, odourless and will be in perfect condition
  • The following are required for loading: anti-slip mats, dunnaging, edge protectors, loading boards and tie straps
  • In the case of vehicle cancellation or non-presentation we provide a replacement truck and charge you any additional costs
  • You agree to use only drivers, which come from the EU and the EEA or have the appropriate permits under the Aliens Employment Act, and appropriate legal residence permits under the Aliens Act
  • You are required to perform the transport yourself. We consider you fully liable, for all the disadvantages and costs resulting from an traffic offense,
  • You are fully responsible for breaches of obligations (e.g. the use of temperature recorders, duty for shipments in southern European countries only to make a stop in guarded parking areas etc.)
  • For deliveries to Spar, Hofer, Billa, Mondo, Penny it is agreed that unloading of the goods from the truck onto the ramp to the recipient is carried out by the driver
  • If any problems arise we must be notified immediately
  • Jurisdiction: Graz