Since start-up in 1988, as a private company in Pötsching, Burgenland with one truck, the company has continuously developed and constantly adapted to the rapidly changing demands of the market.


Following continuous and rapid growth the question arose in 1996 about the need for new efficient and forward-looking business premises. These were to soon identified in Unterfladnitz. 


In 1997, the sole proprietorship was converted to a limited company with its business address at Arndorf 72,
8181 St. Ruprecht. 

In the same year, a 1.7 ha. industrial site was purchased at Dietmannsdorf 29, 8181 St. Ruprecht.


Construction work was started on the office building and the 800 square meter warehouse on the industrial site.



The company was relocated to Königsdorf.



Further concessions were acquired in the Weiz region of Styria, (Post Code 8160).



Due to the large customer demand and the steady growth of the company 2,500 sq. m. of warehouse space was rented in St. Ruprecht.



Construction of a 1,300 sq. m. production facility at the industrial site in Dietmannsdorf.

Subsequently, two additional warehouses with approximately 2920 sq. m. were rented nearby.



Construction of a 2700 sq. m. logistics centre, with
state-of-the-art technology, together with new office buildings.

As part of the construction work, all the warehouses are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity between 5 and 40 tonnes.

In the same year the former factory site of the Extra Company in Tannhausen, in the district of Weiz, is acquired with some 4,000 sq. m. of warehouse and outside storage space.



To keep pace with the ever growing needs of our customers, the premises of the former Backtec Company, in 8181 St. Ruprecht, are taken over and have been operated exclusively by us since then.

The site includes 3,800 sq. m. of heated production space and 1,100 sq. meters of office space, which are available for rent.

In addition to this site, industrial land of 1.8 ha. is available, on which the construction of additional storage facilities is already planned.



Acquisition of a 1,600 sq. m. warehouse in the Ilz industrial area to serve our customers in the outlying southernmost regions.

With a current workforce of 90 people, we are constantly striving to offer our customers optimal service and industry specific expertise at the highest level.


Acutally the company is equipped with a fleet of 37 own trucks and 50 trucks for subcontractors.

Die warehouse space has been extended to 24.000 sq. m., the open storage areas to 30.000 sq. m.