"Green" Logistics for the sustainable protection of our environment.

As a pan-European provider of transportation, freight forwarding and logistics solutions, environmental protection is a key focus of our corporate and social responsibility and through ecology-oriented logistics we therefore take special consideration to protect the environment we live in.

We are aware of our environmental responsibility and at the heart of our corporate philosophy we therefore place the control and optimisation of climatic and environmental performance, as well as quality assurance for all the services we offer, alongside customer satisfaction.

To minimise impact on the climate and the environment as far as possible, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our processes and procedures and have an increasing commitment to the use of technology innovation.

Environmental sustainability, climate protection and economic growth are compatible with each other, for us, and represent our goals for a sustainable economy.

As a young and innovative company we are always looking for more environmentally friendly and alternative ways to deliver our transport and freight forwarding services. A big step towards "green" logistics is our modern fleet with low emission standards and the use of resource-saving concepts.

Our entire vehicle scheduling is balanced so as to organise selected routes economically and to avoid potential excess or empty-load mileage.

Also, all our employees act responsibly and with consideration for our environment and climate.

With the measures we have already set to minimise the impact caused to the climate and the environment, we are well on the way to active environmental protection that is constantly optimised through continuous improvement.