The property of the former company BackTec at 8181 St. Ruprecht is taken over in order to keep pace with constantly growing requirements of our customers. We have exclusively operated this site since the takeover. Heated production halls with a size of 3,800 m2 as well as office space with a size of 1,100 m2 are located here and made available for rent. An industrial area with a size of 1.8 ha is additionally available at this site; the construction of further storage halls is being planned.



Acquisition of a storage hall with a size of 1,600 m2 in the industrial area Ilz in order to also optimally support our customers in the most southern areas. We currently employ a workforce of 90 persons and are constantly striving to provide our customers with optimal service and industry-relevant expertise at the highest level.


The company has a fleet of 37 lorries and over 50 lorries for subcontractors. Hall areas have been expanded to 24,000 m2 and open storage areas to 30,000 m2.


Construction of the new hall "MLZ" at 8200 Albersdorf, Frank-Stronach-Straße 11 in the record time of 3 months with a total area of 5,400 m2, which corresponds to a length of 130 m and a width of 40 m; the height is 10 m. The hall is divided into 3 areas separated by fire walls, 1 part block storage and 2 parts shelf storage. Warehouse management is performed directly on site in the integrated office.


Construction of the "MLZ crane hall" at 8200 Albersdorf, Frank-Stronach-Straße 11 from February to April. The hall with a height of 16 m and a storage area of 3,750 m2 accommodates an impressive 32 t and 60 t crane and was expanded with an office wing on one side and a social tract on the other.